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About The SIEL Project

Here at The SIEL Project, we are driven to make the world a better place through the promotion of social-emotional literacy. We are dedicated to helping today’s young children and teenagers advance their social and emotional skills.  As a nonprofit, nonpartisan in social-emotional learning, we are uniquely positioned to provide workshops, speeches, seminars, community events, training, and online courses for parents, teachers, and those interested in helping children increase their social and emotional skills. 

Young Volunteers

Our Vision

We improve the lives of children of all ages by improving their social skills and ability to understand their emotions.  Our live events allow parents and children to interact with each other to grow these vital skills.  Our seminars allow parents to learn the skills they need to improve the lives of their children.  Our workshops allow parents and children to practice these skills with a live instructor to guide them through the process.  And our home study courses allow parents to continue the education of their children long after the live events are over.

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